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    Except for "StarCraft", "Red Police" and "Empire Age", what are the better 2D timely strategic games? Intersection


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Why do LZ have to play 2D?
      I still talk about it ... If you have to play 2D, you can pick one casually ...
      The real war played, the picture is good, but that bug is too much. The operation is not comfortable.
      The "command and conquest" picture is better than "Red Police", but it is not very strong.
      Also, "Roman Total War" and that comprehensive war series are great.
      If the interstellar is close to the strategy RTS, then Warcraft can only be regarded as the RTS of tactics, and "Rome Comprehensive War" is strategic and more fun than "Three Kingdoms".

      It I got a newer version of the real -time strategy TOP10,
      Reference suddenly:

      Big Classic Instant Strategy Game

      TOP 10 "The Three Kingdoms of Ao Shi"

      production production: target software

      game introduction:

      The main reason for the reason why the Three Kingdoms of Ao Shi "attracts people's attention is that it is the first domestic game exhibited on E3. In May 2000, the US E3 exhibitors gathered by many large -scale first -tier gamers appeared the shadow of domestic game companies. The target software's "The Three Kingdoms of the World" was composed of Eidos, a European game publisher, and exhibited this pretty beautiful domestic real -time strategic game in its booth. Let the domestic game media bulge the cheering to cheer for it.

      The development time of "The Three Kingdoms of the World" is up to two and a half years. The exquisite CG animation shows the reason why this game can go abroad to participate in the first event in the global game industry. After entering the game, after entering the game, The actual game screen is not inferior to the "Empire Age 2" in the same period. Compared with ordinary real -time strategic games, the system design of "The Three Kingdoms of the World" is more abundant. The game is added in the game. The main source of money is the taxes of the city. Players must reasonably adjust the tax rate according to the population, economic conditions and people's hearts of each city. As a real -time strategic game, the strategic nature of this game is much higher than those of the operation -based RTS games. There are many settings in the game that meet the actual situation. For example, the generals have loyalty settings, sergeon has the requirements of training, and the major factors in the city's hearts, public security, and population are restricted by each other. The population, but the increase in population will reduce the security and affect the hearts of the people. The game divides the map into two types of urban maps and large maps, and has the concept of RPG. You can find the generals in the field in the inn of various cities, and you can upgrade it by accumulating experience values. This innovative work in the system design is also quite good in foreign countries. It is the first domestic work in the world to enter the global game ranking TOP100.

      top 9 "Empire Empire"

      produced by production: Sierra Studios Stainless Steel

      "But it is a game that is comparable to" Empire Age ". Its delicate picture, each style of buildings, as many as 200 types of combat units. The sense of history is incomparable with the Empire Age. "Empire of the Earth" shows up to 12 historical periods in front of us, including: Stone Age, Iron Age, atomic Age, Future Age, and so on. Players can choose a country from England, France, Germany, and other ethnic groups. They can also simply create a country by themselves, encourage the gesture to rule, and follow the Central Plains, so as to unify the world.

      "Empire Empire" brings us a real three -dimensional operations, from the medieval iron armored knight, to the full mechanized force of the 20th century, to the future giant steel robots. The Navy is from rafts, sailing to aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines. The Air Force has fighters such as Apache (armed helicopter), F-15, and B-2 stealth strategic bomber. I believe that this is also what many weapon enthusiasts dream of.

      In "Empire of the Earth", special characters are also a key link that can control the victory and defeat of war. One of them is mysterious religious figures. They can use "the power of God" to create earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, plague and other disasters to give the enemy a fatal blow. The other type of characters are the famous military heroes in history. They include Napoleon, Alexander Emperor, Churchill, General Barton, etc. They belong to different ethnic groups, and their emergence will greatly improve the morale of your army and surge in the combat effectiveness of the troops. And when you think of those heroes who are surprised, do you feel excited when you are under your Majesty?

      . The other selling point of "Empire Empire" is its strong sense of history. It presented almost every major war in human history to players in front of the players. From the Trim War to the Second World War, they were so spectacular and real. When your armored troops galloped on the European continent, did you have the male style of General Patton? The battle editor attached to the game also gives players the opportunity to create a war in their dreams. Go, the road of the world is at the foot, and the throne of the world overlord is ahead.

      In general, "Empire" is almost the real -time strategic version of "Civilization". It is compatible with the two masterpieces of "Empire" and "Civilization". The characteristic is an absolutely worth looking forward to. War is an eternal subject, and "Empire" will undoubtedly become another peak.

      top 8 "The Rings King"

      production produced: EA Games

      game introduction: "Ring Rings King" made of "command and conquest" engine : The Battle of Middle -earth is one of the boutiques of the winter in 2004. It has endless aftertastes after more than a year. So what is the situation of this sequel? The emergence of the second generation makes u003Cu003C The Battle of Middle -earth >> or u003Cu003C Battle of Middle Earth 2 >> is more suitable for the loyal "fans" of u003Cu003C Lord of the Rings >> Books or Movies.

      TOP 7 "Fortress"

      producing products: Firefly Studios

      game introduction:

      "Fortress" () is a very interesting instant instant Strategic game, developed and produced by Firefly Studios. In the 2nd generation, you can build a medieval castle, develop an economic system, and fight against the siege of a large number of invaders. On the surface, this work seems to be simply 3D based on "Fortress" released in 2001. But in depth, you will soon find that compared with the previous work, in many aspects of the "Fortress 2", the "Fortress 2" has changed a lot and progress is rapid, and it shows all the levels of the medieval world to players.

      top 6 "Dunes"

      producing products: Westwood

      game introduction:

      I have previously produced a real -time tactical game called "The Crescent Hawk's Revenge"). After that, the real -time strategy game began to flourish and entered the golden period. The success brought by "The Sand Dunes Castle II" has affected Blizzard and also caused Westwood Studios and Blizzard to form a few years of competitive relationships.

      "Dune 2000" (Dune 2000, also translated as "Dune Magic Fort 2000") is a real -time strategy game released by Westwood in 1998. It is a sequel to the dunes of the game. The operation and commands of "Dune 2000" are very similar to the conquest game. Its artificial intelligence is reflected in insufficient, and contact with the enemy cannot be automatically responded.

      top 5 "Raiders"

      production produced: CDV Nival

      game introduction:
      n The raid series have many versions. , Sudden Strike has a number of versions such as 1.20/1.21/2.0/2.2/2.3/2.5/3.0, as well as APRM, HS-2 and other versions. Isn't there a lightning war "" now? However, it is produced by Russia's emerging company Nival and released by CDV.

      Sudden 1 (SS1), including SS1.20, 1.21 (Raiders 1.21 is the most domestic player)

      Turbus 2 (SS2), including SS2.0, 2.2 , 2.3, 2.5

      aprm generally refers to HS-2, APRM is the Allied Power Realism Mod. It is the game mode of the original raid after the production group produced by the AP production group. The AP production team is Germany.

      of course there are some MOD raid versions, such as raids of anti -Japanese MOD. Essence Essence

      (Sudden Strike3) is the latest version of the raid game. Unlike the lightning war "", although these two games are very similar in many aspects, such as game screens.

      "Raiders" Different from an important feature of other RTS, that is, the field of vision when the troops are traveling are nearly 2cm (screen size). While this design is close to reality, it has a huge impact on the combat in the game, making it easier for defense than attack! Even in Pingdi, with artillery as the core, the officer stood in front of the telescope, the sniper hid in the shade of the tree, the infantry stood in front of the officer, and the tank was located next to the artillery (let the driver's head out), maintained the vehicle, and maintained the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle, and the vehicle. Medical soldiers are engaged in logistics. With such arrangements, there is no need for troops at all to resist the charge of ten times their own enemies. If you occupy a high ground, it can be almost unscathed.

      top 4 "Red Alert"

      producing products: Westwood Studios

      Red Alert is a series of "Instant Strategy Games" (RTS) launched by the American "Westwood Studios" for personal computers. Players are usually referred to as Red Police or RA.

      "Red Alert" (Red Alert), also known as "Red Alert", "Red Police 95", can be convinced that this abbreviation is derived from the starting program of the Windows version of the red alarm -RA95 -meaning the red alert win95 Edition, including "" and "Aftermath".

      Westwood has been acquired by EA. The "Red Alert 3 World War" circulating on the mainland network and pirated markets is actually ATARI's "Axis and Allies", pirated vendors EA's command and conquest-General's desperate time as "Red Police 3". The EA company currently acquired Westwood has the "Red Police 3" development plan, but there is no following.

      The red alert has good expansion. Players can modify and make homemade game maps, and they can also make various war -themed tasks packages, unofficial modules (MOD). Friends shared or uploaded to the website for netizens to download. Non -official modules enhance the game's patience.

      In China and other places, Red Police enthusiasts have spontaneously produced many unofficial mods. MOD in mainland China: "Red Dragon's Roar", "China's Rise", "Republic of the Republic", "Dragon of Hidden Wind". Task package: "Liberation Taiwan" and "Jiefang Taiwan" authors of Yuri's revenge task package "Conquering the World" and other well -known, most of them replaced Cuba to join the Soviet camp with China, and shaped it. Including three missile aircraft, six aircraft aircraft carriers, but very expensive. After the Prime Minister of Japan worshiped the Yasukuni Shrine, some mods also replaced Japan into South Korea to join the Allied forces, setting up combat tasks such as "destroying the Yasukuni Shrine".

      In in Taiwan, Red Police enthusiasts also create modules by themselves. The famous mods are "AIO (ALL in one)" and "Doomsday Battlefield". Task package: "Liberation Taiwan "'s return work task package" 2008 counterattack mainland "and so on.

      top 3 "Empire Times"

      producing products: Microsoft

      game introduction:
      The freshness of a bicycle and the first time to eat steak, the first time I kissed my lover's heartbeat, and remember the feeling of playing the battle of "Empire Age" for the first time? The main creative staff of the game said: Our purpose is to lead the player to experience the unprecedented world!

      "Empire Age" is a well -received instant strategic game based on historical background. It shows players the economic systems and combat methods with different national styles. Which ethnic groups have the advantages of attacking the city to proud of the heroes; those ethnic defense work is the strongest, and when the enemy soldiers come to the city, they can defend to attack; which ethnic groups have economic advantages to expand the army faster. China is still Japan. Human beings have many amazing buildings in the long history. In the Empire era, those passing buildings were repaired ...

      TOP 2 "Warcraft"
      n production production produced : Blizzard Entertainment

      game introduction:

      The game magazine, the game that is most discussed by players, the developers are basically him; they can achieve an online game and also It is also him who can occupy the first position of the player's mind without starting the test; a game company has not yet developed a failure game since the establishment of his own name. It is also him. He is the invincible giant on the battlefield in the game industry, Blizzard. Introducing Blizzard is simple, because you can get a number of games with ten fingers; but it is difficult to introduce such a company. Each game brings you the influence on you. Deep and extensive. In this case, I had to be lazy to discuss it in the perspective of competitive games.

      The Blizzard uses "Warcraft 3" to tell us: playing games, just happy.

      The beginning of the legend: 1994--1997

      English name: ORCS

    2. The first and second generations of the Jedi storm are very classic games, especially the first. It was completely on the shoulders of the Red Police, and the picture and balance were better than the Red Police. The most important thing is not only the Chinese version. And it is still Chinese dubbing. This is rare even if it looks now.
      Igly, you are going to play online, there are Chinese versions.
      Itta dune 2000 can also be.

    3. I really like Warcraft !!!
      , but that seems to be between the world and the 3D and 2D n, I want to find it for 2D, very good, I have read it.
      classic ten ten of the ten classic ten Chinese RPG game, nationally, if one has not been played, you should try it. Blog.sina/ u/
      It if you haven't played the heroic legend 6 empty trajectory, you should also play. I also write blog.sina/u/U/u/
      This is an absolutely classic Japanese -style RPG. There are no shortcomings of games. The game, the picture is also beautiful, the 3D background effect of the 2D machine can be brought up, believe me! Intersection Now FC has a Chinese version. SC only has the Japanese version of the
      . As for the download to BTCHINA to search, BT.BTCHINA/, the seeds are more fast, the game can only go down the real thing to the real thing.

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