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    Financial experts please come in, the impact of the financial crisis on the service industry.


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Because the crisis is mainly detonated by the real estate subprime crisis, cultural real estate will inevitably be directly affected. Most real estate companies are loan development projects. Financial institutions such as banks have been impacted by the financial crisis and poor capital liquidity. Real estate companies will be hindered by applying for loans. The funds plan will be reduced to a certain extent, and the cultural real estate categories such as real estate planning and design will be adversely affected; in order to accelerate the return of funds, the amount of funds for later publicity and promotion will increase, which may promote real estate marketing institutions and related media advertisements. Increased profit increase. Such adjustments are essentially reorganizing the profit in the real estate industry and the profits between the industry and the real estate -related industry (such as advertising media). From a certain degree of perspective, it is a self -rescue measure under the financial crisis of real estate developers under the financial crisis. reflect. This way of dividing the profit to the outside world should be a short -term behavior of the real estate industry.

      The film and television entertainment circle is turbulent and downturn. Influenced by the economic crisis, the investment in producers is more cautious, and the investment in film and television works has decreased; the number of various types of business performance sponsored by corporates will decline; the film and television drama market is downturn. ; Entertainment people have invested in the stock market's funds to be overwhelmed with the rapid decline of the stock market. However, we should also see the positive side: At present, the domestic film and television market only has "The Crocodile Invisible" and "Infernator". New pets; the pressure of investment funds may promote the survival of the fittest to a certain extent. Performing stars will enhance competitiveness, and film and television creation will pay more attention to quality improvement.

      For the Chinese media industry with advertising revenue as the main source of profit, the impact of the financial crisis on it must be reflected through the subtle changes of corporate advertising. From the analysis of the previous article, the increase in the promotion of the later period of the cultural real estate industry is very beneficial for traditional paper media and radio that mainly based on real estate and automobiles as the main economic source; Phase activity period. According to the data forecast of the French Power Communication Corporation on October 7, the impact of the financial crisis on the advertising market of developed countries is significantly significantly. 8 % 1.6 %. The emerging country is still the main force of the advertising market. Among them, the market growth rate of advertising in the Asia -Pacific region may reach 10.1 %, and China may enter the top 10 in the world's top 10 for the first time.

      The impact of the financial crisis on the media is not only to bring income increase on the increase in advertising, it is also likely to challenge the media at the level of business. Taking the Internet as an example, due to the negative influence of the Wall Street Lehman brothers' bankruptcy, free Internet services supported by venture capital will be possible to over-pay services. In the past 5-6 years, they are hailed as "social media "The Internet will gradually transform into" real productivity ", which means that the Internet business model will gradually change.

      The financial crisis to gradually spread to China from the United States, which requires a certain process. Compared with the different consumption concepts and consumption methods of China and the United States, it can be seen that China is more traditional and conservative, while the United States is relatively open and active. Although so far, the financial crisis has not yet constituted a significant impact on the material consumption and spiritual consumption of Chinese residents, but from the perspective of the economic cycle, we cannot ignore the impact on the cultural industry that may have. It is expected that with the continuous influence of the financial crisis, the consumption concept and consumption behavior of residents in my country will unknowingly change. From the perspective of material consumption, the demand is still relatively rigid, and the consumption concept and behavior of residents may not change greatly. Therefore纯精神消费来看,虽然对于居民的生活消费具有不可替代的重要性,但是相对软性,在经济动荡时期,人们可以根据自己的经济实力做出适当调整:对高收入者来说,金融危机The influence is mainly because the market can continue to provide more high -end and high -quality cultural spiritual products to meet their needs, and they will not consider whether they can pay the value of these products, various art performances, exhibitions and art transactions The market still has a certain consumer group; for those who have low -income income, the ability to pay the cultural spiritual product that is not strong faces greater challenges. They may reduce the high -consumption cultural spiritual products and turn more to steering more. The consumption of low -cost cultural spiritual products is reflected in real life, which is to reduce consumption of investment, tourism, theater and KTV in artworks, and more indoor consumption in family -oriented, such as home theaters, online games, chess and cards Games, or consumption of tourist attractions in the suburbs. Entertainment methods such as "playing cheap online games at home" will be sought after, which will make digital entertainment software and game development have a lot of room for development. Originally, the family's main communication groups will be used as a radio and television. Opportunities may bring the dual improvement of the number and quality of my country's radio and television programs.

      In fact, under the established market consumption capacity, the financial crisis is like a "double -edged sword". It impacts or affects the development of certain cultural industries, but it is also hidden to a certain extent. Opportunities for the development of other cultural industries: the tourism industry has been affected to some extent, and digital entertainment software and game development have an excellent opportunity; high -cost leisure and entertainment, spiritual and cultural consumption methods have been affected to some extent, low -cost leisure and entertainment, spiritual spirit, spiritual spirit The cultural consumption method has therefore a relatively large market.

    2. In fact, there is no need to see the financial crisis very high. You think so. The first is the capital market, that is, the stock market and property market. This leads to a large number of wealth of the middle class. The corresponding high -end is the high -end high -end The decrease in consumption, such as luxury goods, high -end cars, and high -end entertainment services; on the other hand, a large number of enterprises fail and lay off, resulting in a large number of employees unemployment, corresponding to reducing the quality of life and reducing unnecessary consumption.
      What you want to open a low -consumption bathroom. From an economic perspective, it is a low -end product, that is, if everyone has money, it will reduce the demand for this product (buy a house yourself, go to a higher -end bathroom, Consumption), during the period of economic depression, people's demand for low -end products will increase (for example, when the economic environment is good, everyone goes to a big restaurant for dinner, and now they go to the stalls in front of them), so you don't need to worry too much about this.
      It, the financial crisis has different degrees of impact on the economic strikes of various places. It has greatly influenced a large impact on manufacturing and processing companies (Zhejiang, Guangdong) and the developed markets of capital markets (Shanghai, Shenzhen). Relatively not seriously affected, so consider more factors in other aspects, I wish you success! ~

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