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    How many episodes of power games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The game of power, 73 episodes in the eight seasons, 10 episodes in the first season.
      1. The first season of power of power
      Episode 10: 10 episodes
      The main line of the story is the Western -shaped Vistelo continent in the West. The king of Robert Byrah went to the north to visit his friends: Lintong City owner and the North border leader Edbarca gradually showed the whole picture of this country. The simple king, the upright prime minister, the ministers of the ghosts, and the princes of the self -reliance, the country only rely on a fine -stringed peace to the surface.
      2, game of power second season
      Episode number: 10 episodes
      In addition to the magnificent background, the plot of the plot and the natural smoothness between the inheritance and convergence, it feels the most shining. It is those characters with a large number and distinctive personality. The two lines of the north and wasteland are not particularly colorful. What really shines is the story of Junlin.
      3, the third season of the game
      Episode 10: Episode 10
      The burning Heishui River has been cooled. Junlin City celebrates the victory and starts the rebuilding work. But the dispute between the iron throne has come again -this time, the competitors come from the most unexpected place. Whether it is old faces or new characters, they will face family, honor, ambitions, love, and the most important survival challenges. The civil war of the Visto mainland will continue, and autumn is coming.
      4, the game of power in the fourth season
      Episodes: 10 episodes
      The story of the story developed to the fourth quarter, the grand wedding of King Joe Li and the "Little Rose" Margrett is about to be held, The "Red Poison Snake" March was invited to the capital. However, he had a deep hatred with the Lannister family. The shot turned to the north, and the savage's big attack made more than a hundred night guards guarding the Great Wall.
      5, the game of power in the fifth season
      Episode 10: Episode 10
      The fifth season starts with a flash back. Utilized by another younger and beautiful woman. Cersei suspects that this person is a daughter -in -law Margaret Tilier. After the latter died in Joffli, she married her younger son Toman Byrah, trying to achieve the mention of Toman's little emperor The Lier family's ambition to the iron throne.
      6, the sixth season of the game
      episodes: 10 episodes
      "Season 6 of Power Games" starts with Xue Nuo's "corpse" as the start. In the horrible black castle, Jon Xueno's ice wolf emitted like a crying howl. Snow's body was lying coldly in the corner, blood stained the snow, and his open eyes were full of despair. The main line of the sixth season is more complicated. What is even more deadly is those ancient legends and the extinct creatures, and they are returning to this land.
      7, the seventh season of the game
      Episode 7: Episode 7
      Denonilis Tanglian, with her incompetence, the Doslak army and some iron islands troops The alliance, the three threatening dragons, and her newly appointed "hand of the king" -ti Lyon Lannister, finally determined to go to Westlo. Jon Xuenuo was resurrected by the priest of the king of light. After defeating Rams Polton, after the "Battle of illegitimate Children", he consolidated his power in the north The king of the north management manages the north.
      8, the game of the game of power
      Premiere time: Unde -ified
      Episode 6
      "Game of Thrones Season 8) is" Power The eighth season of the "game" series of TV series is also the final season of the series of TV series. The play is adapted from the novel "The Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin.
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