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    How to translate English University of Masters and Scholars?


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    1. of masters and school —— Master and scholars
      Key vocabulary: SCHOLARS
      Pronunciation: Ying [ˈskɒləz]; Mei [ˈskɑːlərz]
      nnnnnnnnn. n Scholars; scholars; Student; (Schola's plural)
      Original form: Scholar
      the school Yang Xianyi; R nRhodes scholars; German scholars award; Roche scholarship
      gifted school scholars and beautical ladies talented beauty; talented men and beautiful women
      merit school scholars; NCHINESE AND OOVERSEAS SCHOLARS
      the tallis school Taris scholar chorus; performers
      refined school
      dual example sentences
      he upSet Otherscholas views. Views often annoy other scholars.
      she Comes from a Family of Muslimscholars.
      . She was born in a Muslim scholar family.
      from to schoolhave tended to scorn each Other.

      among this present wee a fef renownedscholars.
      . There are several well -known scholars in the seat.
      she comes from a long line offscholars.
      er her generations of books.

    2. of masters and school: University of university master and scholars
      Key words:
      masters: Ying [ˈmɑːstəz] Mei [ˈmæstərz]
      n. nv. Master, mastery (Master's three orders); control
      scholars: British and American [ˈskɑlər]
      n. Scholar (plural of Schola)
      Space -time theater; Giant of the Universe; the master of the universe; the universe giant Himan
      owld masters game World Advanced Games; Games; World Masters Games; Reprinted please indicate
      irish masters. Example:
      theyWereandServileanddidddid not presentotalk totheirmasterSASASIF theYETHERETHEIREIREIREREVALS.
      . They both bowed their knees and respectful, and did not dare to talk to their own masters like their own owner.
      latorpeableuseddogsforhuntingotheranimals, andDOGSDID NOTEATWHATHETHETHETHEIRMASTESAGREED. n later people used dogs to hunt other animals, and the dogs did not eat until the owners agreed.

    3. English of masters and school translation into Chinese: "Master's and Liberal Arts".
      The key vocabulary:
      . The word phonetic symbols

      Word pronunciation: Ying [ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsɪtɪ] Beauty [ˌjunəˈvɜrsəti].
      , word interpretation
      n. University, comprehensive higher education institution; university teachers and students
      , word shape changes
      . Nattend to university
      ENTER A entering the university
      establish A to create a university
      found A to create a university
      go to go to university
      send sb to send ... The meaning of the meaning of words
      college ,, Institute, SCHOOL, Academy all contain the meaning of "college, university".
      college refers to colleges in the university, with more than higher schools or less subjects.
      mainly refers to comprehensive universities, which are generally composed of multiple colleges. It is usually represented by College when it is university.
      institute refers to the establishment of colleges with special disciplines, such as the School of Foreign Languages, Geological College, and School of Architecture.
      school refers to the college or department of the university.
      academy refers to (higher) colleges or colleges or studies.
      6. Dual sentence sentences

      I did not want to go to a comprehensive university at the time.
      The three colleges merged into a new university.
      m students should make full use of college facilities.
      . If you want to take this university tutorial, you need to pass the three section of senior certificates.
      The university on the left bank of the river.
      It in the field of engineering, this university ranks first in its own country.

    4. of masters and school Chinese translation is a master's degree and graduate student
      Key vocabulary: Master
      Word analysis:
      phonetic symbols: Ying [ˈmɑːstə (R)] beauty [ˈmæstər]
      vt. Control; proficient; conquer
      n. Master; master; master; teacher
      adj. The main; master; skilled
      master of control; N
      master piece
      example sentences:
      can you be master of your designy?
      Can you master your own destiny? R n Russian is a difficult language.
      a great pOET is a master melody.

      n. Master host

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