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    Speaking of some games that can play Bluetooth battle


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Speaking of some games that can play Bluetooth battle”
    1. Mobile Bluetooth battle game (please download
      according to the model)
      This fighting Russia (online battle version)

      Burning tires 3d
      The realistic 3D scenes, rich tracks, unique future racing, and beautiful game music have become the biggest highlights of this game.
      This game has a certain difficulty and high control requirements. New players will need a certain time to get started. But there is no challenge without difficulty — so
      Open Bluetooth and play with your friends in the last game! I believe victory will bring you an unparalleled sense of accomplishment ~!
      Similar games: Urban racing II
      The anger of the wizard
      The milestone of the game chess/ARPG game, it will play strategy, action, role -playing The three elements are cleverly combined and the characteristics of various types are used to the extreme. Use Bluetooth function and your friends to break through a world in the magical world of the game.
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      This samurai
      I epic 3d
      CS counter -terrorism elite
      Are you a master of CS? Are you a gunner in the game? Do you like to experience the feeling of the headshot?
      In the hardcore CS fans, are you still worried about no computers around you? When you have this game, "Fire
      Itly game scenes, rich map weapons, all elements are amazingly similar to the computer.
      plus Bluetooth combat function, it has made this "CS Counter -Strike Elite" popular!
      Is open Bluetooth, coupled with your favorite weapons and equipment, GO! I will win the victory and the gap between the rookie and the master!
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      A naval mission commanders
      fatal force
      3d hundred warfares
      When it comes to hundreds of battles, I believe that the old birds will not be unfamiliar? This super -classic multi -platform puzzle game is now transplanted to the mobile phone Java platform. Choose a worm daring team and use a variety of strange weapons to fight fiercely with another team! This humorous and funny game enables players to be laughed by insects even in the battle. The game's patience and entertainment need not be said. Coupled with the function of Bluetooth battle, I believe that this game will be the best partner to send boring time when you spare time! Intersection
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      The war of missile invasion
      Great catastrophe
      three -type ski
      Skiing is a brave game. From the top of the snow -capped mountain peaks, it is sprinted quickly, and various difficult moves are made in the air to challenge the limits of movement. In real life around us, there is rarely the opportunity to experience the excitement and thrills brought by skiing? Intersection It doesn't matter, with this game, I believe you can experience rare fun in the game world! Open Bluetooth, rely on your courage and skills, defeat your opponents around you, prove your strength to him with the results of the game ~
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      Mini castle golf
      n Western double land chess
      In mobile games, chess and card games are relatively playful games. While playing and playing cards, you can develop your own potential and dig your own wisdom. However, have you ever felt like this: the IQ of the program is too low, so that there is no challenge at all, making people feel tasteless? Now with this "Western Double Land Chess", you will say goodbye to such troubles! Open the Bluetooth and play with the masters around you anytime, anywhere ~! Intersection
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      International chess (Bluetooth)
      Multi -person Chinese chess
      TVC 3d
      is also a classic from magic fish game. In this full 3D scene game, you will drive a dazzling future fighter, shuttle between planets of each galaxy, and rotate with the enemy, and you must step up the time to race and strive to get first. As you pass the barrier, you will unlock the new fighter to make your firepower stronger and faster. Imagine that if you are your friends around you, what kind of gaming experience will you have? Ha ha! Open the Bluetooth, try to know
      Added: Remember to download the downloaded files. Do not name it in Chinese. It is best to name it in English or numbers.
      Finally, I wish you a happy spend every day^_^

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