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    Stand -alone game


    Sep 22, 2022

    Seeking a few more classic stand -alone games, such as Jiangnan talent Tang Bohu, the role -playing internal type, do not want the fairy sword series games, thank you! Intersection Intersection (Computer stand -alone game series

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    1. Fairy Swordsman Biography Four Hard Disk Version DOWN.NEWYX/.rar
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      The down.newyx/.exe
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      Simpsons: Hit

    2. The most classic is the hero legend series, and now he debuted the empty trajectory trilogy.
      If you are ARPG, I recommend that Issu from the same company, and now it comes to the origin. The reputation of these games is very good.
      Final fantasy series, but this configuration requirements are relatively high.
      The first two players, at least it takes a month ~~ enough for you to play

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