• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

    The reincarnation of the Devil City Moon is fully cleared up ~~


    Sep 23, 2022

    How to get the last magic guide?
    Is there a secret map? How to get in if there is?

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    1. The last one is that the key can get it with your brother
      Bed to tell you other things.


      .) There is a monster called Lisse, one is 2W and it is easy to drop 100 % magic recovery agent. So use the penultimate second bet countdown to the 3rd card card combination. After starting the effect: Press the upper right to summon the Thunderbird to easily earn 2W experience.

      The card obtaining method is as follows. The magic guide is the

      of the attribute card
      mercury (Venus Card) Slime -Between Meeting/Mechanical Tower
      JUPITER (Jupiter) Red Shadow -Mechanical Tower/Observation Pavilion
      mars (Mars Card) Blood Sword -Wedneered Tower/Arena No. 1 Room 8
      DIANA (Month Card) Food Flower -Underground Corridor
      apollo (Sun God Card) Green Monster — Small Room/Underground Storage Library R r
      Neptune (Neptune) Ice Armor -Underground Water Road
      SATURN (Saturn Card) Fallen Angel -Arena Gate
      URANUS (Tianwang Star Card) green candle — )
      Pluto (Pluto) Purple Candle -BOSS Room BOSS Room (after defeating Camilla)

      Cemetery/outer wall/Arena room 5 Little Fairy — Between Underground Corridor/Seeing (after defeating the dead dragon)
      Serpent n (Tree Elf Card) Ax Armor -the Lizard Man in Nai Luo Phase/Seeing Between Underground Water Road
      GOLEM (Mud Giant Card) Electric Skull -Between Seeing/outer Wall/Arena Room Mino Tao Si Niu -Observation Pavilion/Arena Room 11
      (Petrochemical Beast Card) Sites on Stone Armor -Mechanical Tower/Underground Cemetery/Arena Room 4 Death Mantis — Underground Corridor
      MANTICORE (Poison Scorpion Lion Lion Card) Thunder Demon -Mechanical Tower/Wisdom Tower Wing Banshee —— Underground Corridor and Several small rooms/seeing the boxes/seeing the box (after defeating the dead dragon)/Underground Storage Library/Arena Room 12
      griffon (Blizzard Eagle Card) Athlete Skeleton -the right -end long room blue Habbin bird — underground waterway/Observatory n (Thunderbird Card) Leopard Rider -Model Rider — - Observation Pavilion

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