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    There are several seasons in the game of power


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. "Game of Thrones" is currently only 6 seasons, and only 3 episodes in the seventh season.
      1. "Game of Thrones" is a medieval epic TV series produced by HBO TV.com. The play is adapted from American writer George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel "Song of Ice and Fire" series. Directed by David Beniov, D. B. West, Allen Taylor, etc., David Beniov and D. B. Was have screenwriters, George Martin as a script consultant, Peter Starring Dingraki, Lena Heidi, Emilia Clark, Kitthalington and others.
      2, "Game of Thrones" is a plot, war, fantasy, epic film, premiered in 2011.
      3. It is said that the eighth season is the final season.

    2. The TV series "The Sixth Season of Power Games" will be broadcast in April 2016, and the specific day is to be determined. Power game Sixth Season 6 Basic Information Chinese Name: Game of Rights Season 6 Foreign Name: Other Translation Name: Bing and Fire Songs Production Time: 2016-04 Production Company: HBO Production Area: European and American Shooting Location: New Zealand, the United States issued Company: HBO screenwriter: George R. R. Martin, .b.weiss starring: McSee Williams, Emilia Clark, Isaac Hupps Episode: 10 Episode length: 60 Types: 60 Type: : Plot/War/Fantasy/Epic Release time: 2016-04 Power game Sixth Season Sixth Plot Introduction Due to the slow progress of the novel version of the sixth season, the TV drama version will not completely follow the plot of the novel as the first five seasons in the first five seasons , But also learn from some storylines in the sixth season of the novel. game of Thrones. Also known as: the song of ice and fire: the sixth season of the game/the sixth season of the throne game/: the game that announces the renewal of the game in the fifth and sixth seasons, the first episode of the fourth season of the drama the day before The number of ratings of 6.6 million ratings set a new record for the show. Previously, the play's main creation had revealed that the play may be shot for seven to eight seasons.

    3. The fifth episode and the fifth episode of the update a few days ago is now a total of 5. However, the first four videos cannot be found on video websites such as Youku. If you want video resources, it is recommended to go to "Game of Rights" Baidu Post Bar, there must be someone sharing resources!

    4. At present, the seventh season, the eighth season is expected to be broadcast in April 19. The specific information can be followed by N stations. After subscribing, there will be news reminders, I hope to help you.

    5. According to foreign media reports, HBO officially announced that the "Game of Thrones" will be completed after the 8th season.
      The newly appointed high -level Casey Bloys confirmed the news and revealed that the two producers of the drama David Bennov and Danny Weis were clearly planned. "If I can let them do it more For a long time, I will let them take 10 seasons. "Unfortunately.
      S previously announced that the play has only 7 episodes in the seventh season, shorter than the previous seasons, and it will be postponed to the broadcast this summer. The producer also said that it was planned to shoot a total of 75 episodes. The eighth season may be 8 episodes. Season 6 has been separated from Martin's original novel

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