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    WeChat game red envelopes, real or false?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “WeChat game red envelopes, real or false?”
    1. WeChat to play games to red envelopes, really

      This to make money for games is already a topic. Today, let's talk about it. Talking about this red envelope version of the recent fire, everyone will say that this game makes money and the game leads the red envelope is not the same thing? All earlier are RMB, but don't ignore it. The amount of red envelopes is large and small, and some are really profitable projects, and some are just a red envelope amount.

      is it true to play games to make WeChat red envelopes, is it reliable

      The is true or false. The red envelopes in the game are real. As for whether you can earn hands and withdrawal, there are more doors in it. I want to find a reliable red envelope game and get a lot of golden APP trials.

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      Speaking of the amount of red envelopes, isn't the red envelope of 10 yuan called red envelopes, and this red envelope of 0.1 yuan is not a red envelope?

      There is no doubt that big guys like big red envelopes. I can tell you that almost all red envelope games and the most genuine on the market are in Du Gold APP. This is my testing of my test As a result of more than half a year, I will share it directly with everyone and save us to try one by one.

      . For example, this puzzle game is cool running. The gameplay is a parkour game how we are all familiar with. A friend is playing.

      The run topic, we mainly say the red envelope reward of this game, the piglet can be converted to a bronze red envelope successfully in a star map, and so on. The red envelope, the maximum amount is 24 yuan, and we are obviously not so much red envelopes in other places. It will be activated to activate the red envelope reward without increasing the difficulty of the level. About 0.1-0.3 yuan. In this way, I do n’t need to say more about other games. It ’s a form of rewards that are similar.

      It look at the difference in the setting and difficulty of the game

      The most obvious difference is the mobile game area. The development of the demon elements is quite interesting in the plot. After finishing several platforms, I found that the red envelope of this game was really difficult to receive. We all know that mobile games, the most important thing is the level of the characters, and if you want to upgrade, you have to do a lot of task brush copy and so on. Reward level. If you want to get a red envelope, you have to charge a VIP to speed up the upgrade. Finally, you minus our own recharge costs.

      In I found this game again in the gold rush. It seems that the passage is much simpler, and the system gives the welfare and outfit rate is surprisingly high. At the level of redeeming the red envelope, I made up and did a few tasks and suddenly raised the demon level to 500 levels, exchanged for the cumulative red envelope of more than 10 yuan. Without gold recharge, it is more profitable than other platforms.

      It don't think that's the end. The most critical of the red envelope version of the game is the withdrawal steps

      Can't mention that you can't get angry? Many games will set the threshold for us. What are 20 yuan and 50 yuan everywhere. It is really touching that it can be withdrawn from one yuan in one yuan. In addition to setting the threshold for withdrawal, it may also give us some recharge tasks, after completion, or let us log in for a few days in a row, do a few tasks, etc. Give it.

    2. Organizers secretly set up the gambling bureau to make a profit, and the red envelope gambling is highly hidden.
      Once pulled into the strange WeChat group, we must raise awareness of self -precaution, and strictly prevent the use of
      n n to play WeChat grabbing red envelopes unknowingly

      preachers : Li Wuqi (Haining City Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province)

      The case is played ▲ ▲▲

      . Mr. Wang, who lives in Haining, Zhejiang Province, likes to play mobile games. One day in early July, under a netizen, he entered a WeChat grabbing red envelope group. There were thirty or forty people in the group, all of which were grabbing red envelopes. He felt that this game was not difficult, so he decided to try it. After a few rounds, Mr. Wang quickly figured out the game: each red envelope was 128 yuan, a red envelope was divided into 4 copies, the red envelope ratio was the size, and the minimum of the red envelopes should be continued to get the dragon cycle. Mr. Wang grabbed three or four hundred yuan after playing a few times. He felt that this gameplay was fair and he played for a few days.

      because the upper limit of the WeChat red envelope is 5,000 yuan per day, Mr. Wang added other red envelopes to play. One week later, he found that his hand was getting worse and worse, and he always grabbed the smallest red envelope. He kept sending a red envelope to others. Later, if he calculated it carefully, he lost nearly 5,000 yuan. Mr. Wang, who calmed down, gradually realized that the group of grabbing red envelopes was likely to be an online gambling group, and he reported to the police station in the jurisdiction.

      The Haining Police investigated that if he wants to participate in grabbing red envelopes gambling games, the participants must first transfer the money to the owner's WeChat red envelope, and then send a red envelope by the owner, and all participants grab the red envelope. The amount of each red envelope is usually 128 yuan, 158 yuan, and 188 yuan, while the owner charges about 20 yuan per red envelope for "tap fee". Although there are not many money involved in the red envelope every time, it only takes a few seconds to grab the red envelope, and it can operate 24 hours without time and regional restrictions every day. The amount is very large. In the WeChat red envelope group joined by Mr. Wang, there are both local Haining natives and Hangzhou people, and even other areas outside the province. They do not know each other. They only rely on WeChat and QQ and other online chat tools.

    3. Of course, if it is fake, no one will play this game at all. But in fact, the money given is relatively small, at most it is enough to drink a milk tea, and it takes a long time to get it.

    4. Hello, this must be fake. Now there are many people in WeChat that they can get red envelopes to make games. This is a fake publicity. After you charge the money or you can't withdraw it at all after playing.

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