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    What's fun for Baoji City?


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    1. Author: hydrogen balloon good goods Junfa Men Temple: worshiping finger bone real body relic
      in the Famen Temple, worshiping the "finger real body relic" of Buddha Shakyamuni, so this is a Buddhist sacred place looking up at the country. Want to see all the treasures of Famen Temple? The Famen Temple Mainland Palace, Treasure Museum, and Hezhalita in the cultural scenic area must go again. Baoji Bronze Museum: Bronze Treasure | Must -play reason: Hidden with bronze "He Zun"
      The bronze in the museum is collected by "He Zun", which contains the inscription "House Zezin China", which is the earliest name of "China". Text records. The museum is the only special bronze museum in Asia. It mainly shows the bronze treasure unearthed from the treasure chickens. He Zun and Qin Gongzhong are rare treasures. Taibai Mountain Forest Park: The north -south dividing point
      The Taibai Mountain in the Forest Park is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains. Visitors climb the mountain. It is recommended to travel according to the developed mountain climbing routes, especially tourists on foot. Do not rush away from the main route to explore. Jiang Ziya Diaoyutai: Jiang Ziya's secluding place
      "Jiang Ziya fishing, willing to hook it." Northern Wei Geography scientists, Dao Yuan, Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, and Su Shi, a poet in the Song Dynasty, came here to visit. Jintai Guan: Zhang Sanfeng Monastery
      I is said to be the place where the famous Taoist priests at the end of the Yuan Dynasty were here. Now this is the Baoji Museum. Every year on the third and tenth day of March and October of the lunar calendar, it is the local Jindai View Temple Fair. Guanshan Grassland: It has the reputation of "Xiaotianshan"
      forests, grasslands, canyons and other beautiful scenery. It can be seen in the Guanshan Grassland. It is called "Xiaotianshan" here, and the landform is similar to the Alps in Europe. Guanshan Grassland was once known as "Longyou Guanshan", which is the way out of the Western Han Dynasty and Huo Qubing to hit the Xiongnu north. Yan Emperor Mausoleum: Yanhuang descendants look for roots and worship thencestors
      This Chicken is the hometown of Emperor Yan, and Yandi Mausoleum is one of the important places for Yanhuang descendants to find the roots and ancestors. Every year on July 7th of the lunar calendar and the Yan Emperor Festival on the Qingming Festival, the people will come to the Emperor's Tombs and the Emperor's Temple to carry out a grand sacrifice ceremony. Da Sanguan: The famous Guanyu of ancient China
      The people who like Chinese history must have heard of the Da Sanguan. This is a place for soldiers of all ages. During the Southern Song Dynasty, Jin Bing went south to violate Sichuan and Shaanxi. Zhougong Temple: Memorial Zhou Gong
      The ancestors of Tang Gaozu Li Yuan to commemorate Zhou Gong Jidan, and Xiaoyu created Zhougong Temple. Zhou Gong helped King Zhou Wu destroy the Shang Dynasty, established the Zhou Dynasty, and assisted Zhou Cheng Wang to set up a domestic rebellion. Zhou Gong is also the founder of "Zhou Li", and "Zhou Li" has a great impact on the feudal society in China. Wuzhangyuan Zhuge Liang Temple: Yiyuan Temple
      Thezhangzhuang Temple on the outskirts of the city of Baoji Qishan County, the Zhuge Liang Temple was built, and the west side of the temple is the well -owned clothing mound of Zhuge Liang. There is a meteorite pavilion on the south side of the main hall, and a meteorite in the pavilion is found near Wuzhangyuan. Legend has it that before the death of Zhuge Liang, Wuzhangyuan descended to the meteorite, which means "falling the star."

    2. Temple, Grandpa Sea, Datang Qin King Mausoleum Museum, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Bronze Museum, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, Bronze Museum, Datxiantai, Guanshan Grassland, China Stone Drimpy Park and so on.
      Famen Temple:
      Famen Temple () is located in the hometown of the Emperor Yan, the hometown of Bronze, Baoji City. County Famen Town. It was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. It has a history of about 1,700 years. "Famen Temple".
      Famen Temple is known as the Royal Temple, and became a Buddhist sacred place looking up at the country because of the resettlement of Shakyamuni Buddha's fingers. The pagoda of Famen Temple is known as the "Pagoda to protect the country". The Baoji Famen Temple has unearthed Buddhist tall treasures such as Shakyamuni Buddha's finger bone relic, Tongfu Tu, the eight -strokes, and the silver flower two -round tin stick. Datang National Treasure Heavy Instrument is the world's best temple. In October 2014, the 27th World Buddhist Friendship Association will be held at Baoji Famen Temple.
      The National Forest Park of Taibai Mountain:
      The main body of Taibai Mountain () is located in Baomei County and Taibai County, Baomei County, Shaanxi. It is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains and the first peak to the east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in mainland China. National Forest Park, National AAAAA -level tourist attraction. Taibai Mountain is the watersheds of the two major water systems of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. It has the types of landforms such as low mountains, Zhongshan, and High Mountain. The boundaries are clear and different, especially the various geomorphoscopes carved by the fourth disciplinary glaciers are retained and clearly distinguished.
      This of Taibai Mountain Qi Hou is very different. As the altitude increases, the climate type is continuously distributed in accordance with certain rules. The differences in climate, the distribution of plants and animals also forms a corresponding vertical spectrum. Taibai Mountain's animals and plant resources are very rich. The forests on the mountains are lush, and Chinese herbal medicines are everywhere. Especially the only leafy plant in the world -one -leaf grass is unique in Taibai Mountain. Rich plant resources provide sufficient food for wild animals. The bloody pandas, red -bellied horns and animal pandas, golden monkeys, and antelopes of rare birds and other rare beasts are reproduced in Taibai Mountain.
      Since the 19th century, scholars from all over the world have come to Taibai Mountain for inspection, and Taibai Mountain has become an important base for scientific research and teaching in the summer. Taibai Mountain is a world -class ecological tourism destination and a well -known Taoist cultural sacred place. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, many scholars have been in the slightest, leaving the popular poems; therefore, at the summer and autumn, the climbers and the Chaoshan Fragrant Period are endless.
      I uncle sea:
      Uncle sea is located on the top of the Taibai Mountain on the top of the Taipei Taipei, 3590 meters above sea level. It is a typical typical ice -fighting lake in Taibai Mountain, forming the ancient fourth discute. The lake is clear and pure, and the blue waves are clear.
      This Lake suddenly fogged, and suddenly the clouds were dispersed. There is a kind of small bird by the lake, a large swallow, red brown back with black chest, white spots on the head, "啾 啾", fast flight, or flying, or standing, or standing on the lakeside stone. On the block, seeing people are not afraid, and they are funny. The folk calls this bird "Jingchi boy". The day and night are guarded by the pool. As soon as there are fallen leaves in the pool, it immediately walks, making the pond water without inch of grass dots. What is more interesting is that when a bird is not moisty, two birds often lift the surface of the water.
      The Great Tang and Qin King Mausoleum Museum:
      The Great Tang Qin King Mausoleum Museum is a key cultural relics protection unit in Shaanxi Province. The square meter is a special museum that shows the museum of the model board of the king Li Maozhen (856-924 AD) and his wife Liu's (876-943 AD) and his wife Liu's (876-943 AD), which is about 1100 years of history.

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Baoji room, simple gameplay recommendation: 1, table tennis, badminton hall, gym. All kinds of group purchase apps can be seen frequently, there are quite a lot of activities. 2. Playing chess, Baoji people love chess more. 3, KTV, game hall, movie, bar, chess and card room. 4. Bronze Museum. indoor. 5. Play with the object in the bedroom in the hotel bedroom. 6, and you can recommend it to the countryside. Qishan's zongzi noodle reception households must be indoors. You can sing K, eat, drink and play with one dragon. 7, there are many indoor play, you can also play mobile phones in the hotel.

    4. Baoji fun places are: Taibai Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Guanshan Grassland, Jialing River Source, Yandi Mausoleum, Datang Qin Wang Mausoleum, Jiang Taigong Diaoyutai, Zhougong Temple, Wuzhangyu, and Zhouyuan site.

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