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    Why do the game be maintained?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Why do the game be maintained?”
    1. The fundamental significance of maintenance is to let the server take a break to process the data or update the new file and content of the system
      The server is like playing a local area game together, but a computer is very high. Rest
      Sometimes due to some data problems in the game, it also has to be stopped for players. Most of the maintenance of the maintenance of the maintenance
      The maintenance time of maintenance is also based on the size and charging of the game according to the game itself. The game content is not changed. It is to make the host rest and find that no every maintenance will not be stuck at all. This is the effect.

    2. What needs to be maintained, generally maintains a week, even if it is not updated, it must be stopped for routine maintenance. If it is not maintained for a long time, the game will be delayed, the data migration will be large, the skills will not be released, the NPC will not be severely dropped, and so on. Just go to bed at night, otherwise the next day is the same. MUA!

    3. 1: There are more garbage in the server, to deal with
      2: It may develop new game skills, map
      3: In the previous game, bugs and the like What activities to be held, etc.

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